There is room in the universe for you to dream bigger. Go ahead, blow God's mind... ~Matt Kahn

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Once I was a person standing in a space.Now I'm just a space where a person stands. ~Matt Kahn I remember this quote from Matt's book and how much it resonated with me back then. Passage of time pushed it into the periphery of my mind, until I completely forgot about it. Strange times we... Continue Reading →

Has your work shut down or forced you work remotely (if you are lucky)? If you wanted to pick up photography, or polish up your skills to spruce up that Instagram portfolio of yours, there is no better time to do that than now. There is no need for expensive gear. That phone you are... Continue Reading →

Hope all of you are OK as you are reading this. I was originally going to publish this post way back in late winter when this shot was taken, but held off. As part of my routine workflow, I usually load pictures into my WordPress editor in bulk (over a weekend) and create dozens of... Continue Reading →

Not to lessen or dismiss the incredible amount of suffering people are enduring around the world, many are getting infected as we speak, many are losing their lives, but what is curious to me is how much our daily lives and routines have changed. Schools, businesses shut, large events cancelled, people working from home or... Continue Reading →

As you walk on asphalt, concrete, or stone, you take it for granted that there is solid ground beneath your feet. Not in the city. Seeing this man guarding an open manhole while his colleague was working in the bowels of the Dearborn St, deep under the surface only reminded that solid ground under my... Continue Reading →

Despite all the political infighting, gun violence, financial woes, and rising taxes, our midwestern city has seen a tremendous amount of growth and new construction. Highrise buildings are popping up like mushrooms wherever you look. Just take your pick, look ahead, and you will see a crane of some sorts on the horizon.Where I live... Continue Reading →

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