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#SeeingRedSeries The Bobolink Meadow is vast and with great views. Lot's of bird houses scattered all around, in birdwatching is your thing. Infrared 590nm supercolor with channel standard swap.

#SeeingRedSeries Sterling Pond on a quiet morning. The strip of blue sky was short-lived. Soon after this shot, the two massive clouds merged and sun was gone, which in infrared photography is a subtle message saying: "Go home!".

#SeeingRedSeries Willoway Brook with Schulenberg Prairie out in the distance. Infrared shot with 590nm supercolor filter and converted into B&W in Luminar

#SeeingRedSeries Definitely visiting this place in the summer. The bench is right next to the Sterling Pond's dam, overlooking the artificial lake's waters. Must be awesome when the tree canopies are full. Infrared post processed into B&W in Luminar.

#SeeingRedSeries Hiking through the woods and found a great serene spot for tree/landscape photography. As I kept shooting, eyes glued to the viewfinder, a lady on snow shoes unexpectedly waltzed right into the scene. Score! A great view got even better. Shot in IR and post processed with standard channel swap with supercolor 590 nm... Continue Reading →

#SeeingRedSeries I took a picture from the exact same spot 15 years ago using a film camera, also after a snow storm. Revisiting the composition again, this time in infrared. So interesting that the trees are leaning sideways even more than back then. This is one of my most favorite places to shoot in winter.... Continue Reading →

#SeeingRedSeries Got another 4" of snow today and took a quick hike through the woods. Sun wasn't anything special for IR, but enough crept in through the clouds to make it worthwhile for shooting, and the trees looked like out of a fairy tale land. Post processing with standard channel swap.

Another look back at last Christkindlmarket and some of the weird things you see there. If you own a hot dog stand, the most obvious choice for a hat o wear is a bun with as hot dog. I guess? Here, the owner was profusely apologizing to s customer for giving him a wrong order...

I quickly snapped this shot on Christmas Eve as I was heading home from work and after visiting the market. Handheld in complete darkness, so it's not the sharpest of the pics you will ever see, but it has an interesting flair to it with rush hour still in full swing. The statue of Ceres,... Continue Reading →

#SeeingRed: Another shot of Michigan Ave. from Grant Park, this time standing on the Van Buren bridge overlooking the Metra Electric train station. Camera: Canon EOS 20D with LifePixel 590nm infrared conversion Lens: Rokinon 16mm f/2.0 Aperture: f/8 Shutter: 1/100 ISO: 400

Throwback to the now forgotten Christkindlmarket from two months ago. This man, wearing a Bourbonnais police department lanyard and dressed up as a Santa, had a very interesting wooden sign on his belly: "Jesus is the reason for the season". Indeed...

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