A B&W attempt at the Board of Trade building  from the sidewalk.  Classic art deco architecture from 1930's, the building is 600ft tall and the statue of Roman goddess of agriculture, Ceres, is 30ft tall. Too much traffic was going on for my taste that afternoon, to brave the cars and stand in the middle... Continue Reading →

One of the oldest, if not the oldest, store in Chicago. Central Camera! The store has been in operation since 1899 and is still lively every single day! When you walk in, you step back in time at least 50 years or more. Imagine as if you walked from Diagon Alley and into Ollivander's. Just... Continue Reading →

#SeeingRedSeries The Bobolink Meadow is vast and with great views. Lot's of bird houses scattered all around, in birdwatching is your thing. Infrared 590nm supercolor with channel standard swap.

#SeeingRedSeries Got another 4" of snow today and took a quick hike through the woods. Sun wasn't anything special for IR, but enough crept in through the clouds to make it worthwhile for shooting, and the trees looked like out of a fairy tale land. Post processing with standard channel swap.

#SeeingRed: Another shot of Michigan Ave. from Grant Park, this time standing on the Van Buren bridge overlooking the Metra Electric train station. Camera: Canon EOS 20D with LifePixel 590nm infrared conversion Lens: Rokinon 16mm f/2.0 Aperture: f/8 Shutter: 1/100 ISO: 400

Hardly anyone is crazy enough to drive through the forest on a Tuesday evening in this storm, but if you are crazy you get a view like this all for yourself. Sterling Pond is quiet and beautiful every winter. Worth ten frozen fingers and chattering teeth this season. Will be back here soon...

A boring rusty bridge rail in summer turned into a legit cool-looking creation in winter. The entire bridge is covered in this. Not much else to add other than to watch. Morton Arboretum, west branch.


Nothing has to be real, in order to be true. Life is the journey of truth becoming real... ~ Matt Kahn

#SeeingRedSeries Collonade of Presbyterian Church shot in infrared, the light coming from right are reflections from Michigan Avenue.

Merchandise exchanged hands at various Holiday markets around the world countless times, hopefully bringing joy and comfort to family members and loved ones. Wherever around the world you are, and whatever your Holiday tradition is... Happy Holidays to you and your families!  

Our Shiba Inu, fittingly named "Shiba". If there were only one word in his vocabulary, the word he would choose to use would be "mine".

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