There is something so timeless about these old-timey newsboy woolen hats. As a fan of baseball caps for most of my life, I've really grown fond of these instead. Not only are they more functional and practical in winter or cooler weather, they also blend better with business casual attire. And they look cool.

Still yet imposing.Freedom-less numbers inside.Lives turned upside down. #haiku One day, there will be time in our society where there is no need for prisons and people can get all the support they need to avoid committing crimes, or being unjustly incarcerated. There must be a better and preventative solution than this.

Many schools of thought have been there over millennia on the topic of human mind. What is it? Where does it come from? What is its purpose? Who is in control of it? Why can't I stop having thoughts at three in the morning when I want to sleep? If I can't stop them, are... Continue Reading →

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