Thank You To My Followers!

When we dream we dream big. So, when I dreamt precisely four years ago about where this blog may go one day I had big dreams too, yet the pragmatic part of me rooted in reality expected very little. It certainly did not expect that a hundred other human beings (or their bots!) would actually take interest and time out of their busy days, click the “follow” link, then see and read my musings going forward.

This blog was born from my love of exploration in photography, so a picture to say a humble thank you to all of you was a no brainer. A few sticks from a firewood pile, some river rocks from our front yard, all carefully laid out on our driveway, is all it took. A temporary art. I had so much fun in the 10 minutes of creating and photographing this I will absolutely consider revisiting this topic in near future. I think I even found a name for this series: Temporary Art Therapy. It felt good.

From the bottom of my heart a sincere Thank You to all of you!
And if you are a bot, may the silicon gods ever protect your motherboards and keep your source code bit rot free! 🙂

And for us, monochrome buffs, have it your way! Magical colorblind fairies from Ricoh Land feverishly whirring their wings inside the camera, casting puffs of magical high contrast GR powder, while concocting a colorless smoothie to indulge the eye, may be just what the doctor ordered…

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