One of interesting qualities of a human eye is the inability to recognize more than a dozen or so separate images every second. Enter the age of movie making where images are presented on screen at 24 fps or higher to create an illusion of movement, whereas in reality, they are nothing but a bunch of static pictures shown in a sequence at a rapid speed.

To replicate this in camera and take to an extreme, you can use slow shutter speed and superimpose images on top of each other, creating awesome looking motion blur.

The question is: what is real? Is it the image I’m seeing, or was that person real who moved through it? Is the movie real? Or are the static images real and the movie is a mere perception of what we want to see?

Perception is a curious thing. Often not based in reality, because we are trying to focus so hard. Now, knowing that, try to read the news without focus and then see the difference. Clarity starts settling in…

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