As they say, the best camera is the one you happen to have on you at a time. By getting rid of my DSLRs and scaling down to the GR, I keep taking way more shots just thanks to taking my palm-sized camera with me nearly everywhere I go.

The term “nearly” is key here. One camera I already have on me is my phone, which I’ve been neglecting every since I got it. Nokia had always been known for high quality imaging and my phone with dual rear cameras and Zeiss optics is no exception. The problem was to get some decent B&W results out of this. After doing quite a bit of research, I’ve settled on two apps, Hypocam and Dramatic B&W. Both provide pleasing results and are quite flexible in their own right. GR will still be my primary camera, but when it’s not available I’ll use my phone and post directly from it, without having to do PP on my computer, no fussing about with downloading, tweaking and uploading. More photos, more shots, more practice, more experience, more fun. I just saw on YouTube an interview with a Japanese street photographer Tadashi Onishi, who takes over 20,000 photos a month, but barely published 200 of them. One keeper out of every hundred shots! He is a professional and shoots for a living, but still…

I got some catching up to do over my lunch breaks then… Step one, need to start actually taking breaks at work, past few months have been insanely difficult. If you are in a creative rut and think your pictures are not good, you aren’t shooting enough…

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