It wouldn't be a proper Christkindlmarket in Chicago, if Wiener Schnitzels weren't vanishing by the pallet and Gluhwein wasn't rolling out the door by the barrel. I can honestly attest that Gluhwein was excellent and warmed one up in no time, and the schnitzels? Well as a vegetarian I at least snapped a good picture... Continue Reading →

Over a million people visit the Christkindlmarket in Chicago Loop, Wrigley Field, Naperville and Milwaukee over the course of a month. If you are into street photography, there is no better place to be and capture people's interactions as they go about their day and have fun. The crowd is so overwhelming and situations pass... Continue Reading →

This year's Chicago Christkindlmarket was as good as ever drawing huge crowds every day. Last year they surpassed 1 million visitors and this year's was no doubt even higher. Especially since this traditional German market (with typical Chicago flair) expanded to Milwaukee as well. Crowds and headache or not, this is one of my favorite... Continue Reading →

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