Lighting The Way

St. Peter’s Church on Madison St, just west of Clark St in Chicago. Tiny sliver of sunlight pushes through the alley across the street and shows up only for about 15 minutes, just before 1 o’clock. If you are into street photography and like low-key or high contrast monochrome and are in (or heading to) Chicago, give this place a snap or two.
This shot took me quite a few tries and numerous “wasted” lunch breaks to get it right, because numerous conditions must come together for this to work: a bright sunny day with cloudless sky is a must. You also need to avoid crowds (which is difficult, because at that time it is still lunch rush of typical Chicago Loop and around the time the light shows up is when the mid-day mass is ending, because people keep exiting the church in droves, ruining the shots). Lastly, after all the above conditions, you need to find your timing where your subject makes that perfect step with upside down V and you manage to actually push the shutter right on queue.

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