Plying around in Aurora HDR with bracketed  triple exposure and followed by some FX in Luminar. Never being a big fan of HDR photography myself, I was a bit skeptical going into this. The ubiquitous unreal-looking landscape and sky pictures with oversaturated colors you get our of smartphones can be off putting and garish.
So, I thought to myself: if I’m to make a garish picture with oversaturated colors, let’s at least make it fun, adventurous and magical. There was no better place to start than a path in the middle of the woods, leading to….who knows where. And although that photo turned out to look more like a painting than a real photograph, it makes one secretly want to drop everything and go searching for Smurfs or something. Light and darkness, vivid colors, vaguely kind of reminds me of graphics in Trine 2.

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