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#SeeingRedSeries is back! It was a sunny clear day today, so I whipped out my IR-converted DSLR and took it out for a lunch walk while hunting for sun rays.
Heading to visit 360 Chicago at the Hancock any time soon? Hop across the street over to the Fourth Presbyterian Church and its rectory. The courtyard is usually free of crowds and peaceful. Here is a shot of the main entrance to The Mansion as seen from the colonnade. Shot in infrared and converted to B&W. The infrared light (obviously invisible to naked human eye) is so incredibly tricky and wonderful with such a strong fall off that it seems as though I went heavy-handed on adding dark vignette to this pic. Trust me, there is not a shred of post-processing vignette. Just a plain red/blue channel swap, playing around with HSL to desaturate the whole scene, a bit of micro contrast, with some radiance and Orton effect (all done in Luminar) and here we are…

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