Into The Dark

#SeeingRedSeries I don’t know where precisely this was, but it was not far west from John Hancock tower. A random patch of light washing over a sidewalk and what appeared to be a vacant storefront. Shot with infrared converted DSLR with LifePixel super color filter. It always amazes me how aggressive the light fall off is when there is no direct sun lighting up the subject. Had it been a regular picture, the scene would have been mostly evenly lit, but with infrared and spot metering on the guy’s shoulder, it looks as though he is walking into complete darkness.
Here is something else: his pants were light color with jacket being dark, but in infrared they turned out looking the opposite because of different IR reflectance properties of the fabric. You never know how the picture will turn out with IR, it’s almost like a lottery. That’s why I don’t even bother chimping after taking the shot.

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