Surreal Place

#SeeingRedSeries Standing atop Frost Hill among the conifers, frozen toes, hungry, waiting for the sun to come through a crack in the clouds. It eventually did, for about 30 seconds, enough to get this IR shot. You can see how tiny that sliver was where the trees on the left side of the picture got no direct sunlight and are completely dark, without much color.

Shooting IR in the midst of winter is a challenge of its own, with way less sunlight than one would need to get good contrasty pictures, but it is not impossible. Since chlorophyl in the leaves is a potent reflector of IR light, trees are usually blinding white. With conifers this IR effect is way less pronounced, yet still present. This picture was post processed in Luminar and red and blue channels swapped. The natural color of this picture straight from the camera (if correctly white-balanced) would show tobacco colored sky and the trees would have cyan color.

This is a shot from a series I posted a month ago where a lady walked into my picture, and unintentionally made it even better. Here is a quiet, lady-free version.

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