Metropolitan Correction Facility

#SeeingRedSeries If there was a contest for the ugliest building in Chicago, one doesn’t have to venture too far to find a strong contender. Chicago’s Federal Prison (or as officially called Chicago Metropolitan Correction Center) on Clark St, mere 4 blocks south of my workplace, is as ugly as sin and as odd as they get. Whatever the architects were smoking must have been some powerful stuff. Triangular in shape and the concept of windows, non-windows makes one’s head spin. This building’s design is as depressing as its purpose.

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  1. It looks rather like a bar code or perhaps an antique punch card.


  2. And this is why I love WP! šŸ˜‚ Brilliantly put, too!


  3. Re: rmichaelroman – Ticker-tape in 3D, exactly! šŸ˜‚


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