Another Sears. Cigarette Pack!

I can’t remember, if I wrote about this in the past or not (if yes, sorry for repeating this), but the story of Sears Tower’s design (Chicago’s tallest building and former tallest building in the world) is very fascinating. When Sears Roebuck & Co were deciding to build a new skyscraper for their HQ they could not decide on what shape to make it in. One of the guys was a heavy smoker and pulled a pack of cigarettes from his pocket and tapped them, as one usually does, to get them out. Several of them usually come out at varying lengths. And that is where the idea for design of this icon came from. The Tower is supposed to be 9 cigarettes in a 3×3 grid pulled out at different lengths.
Another odd thing is that unlike other buildings, the Sears has it’s floor height bigger than other skyscrapers, which makes it look smaller than it is, because it has only 110 floors. but each floor is taller than any other building, hence the final 442m height, not counting the two spires, which make it 527m! And yes I’m aware that the tower has changed it’s name twice since. Old habits.


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