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#SeeingRedSeries My workplace under a different angle and in case you are wondering, this is not lens distortion. I use a 24mm prime, which has hardly any distortion at all, and my building truly has this odd-looking shape.
Today called Chase Tower and the primary Midwest corporate center of my employer, J.P. Morgan, this 869-foot skyscraper located at 10 S dearborn St. was originally the headquarters of The Chemical Bank / First Chicago Corporation, it was erected in 1969 and as a throwback to its founding company was shaped akin to a chemical test tube, wide at the bottom and gradually tapering off towards the middle section. It is also headquarters of Exelon utility company. Shot in IR and post processed in Luminar, in case you wondered why the sky was pitch black. It was a cloudless clear blue sky with very low moisture in the air, so a perfect combination for infrared.
One interesting tidbit: if you are a fan of Wait Wait….Don’t Tell Me! radio show on NPR, the show is recorded live at the Chase Auditorium at the lower level, every Thursday night.

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