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I went to the Chicago Cultural Center over lunch to take some architectural pics inside. Had heard that the place was really nice, ornate, with posh inlays, marble and woodwork.

As soon as I walked into the lobby I heard a live piano play, so after checking in with a concierge and finding out that it was a live piano recital up on the 3rd floor and that the admission was free, I scurried upstairs to check it out. The place was packed! Forget photography, I just sat down on the stairs and listened for half hour.

After the performance, while many people were swarming around the young pianist to chat, shake hands and take selfies with her, I ran into this guy who looked like he was a regular here. He seemed to be very impressed with the pianist’s performance. So was I. Anyhow, here a pic of him.

If you are free during lunch time and are in the loop, or are just visiting, I wholeheartedly recommend you look up the concert schedule and pay a visit to this place. I’ll do another post about the architecture itself, because this place is incredible, being an old Chicago’s public library, the city wasted no dime on its marble, inlays and woodwork.

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