Shooting a Shooter

Doing street photography in a big city, walking around and shooting, inevitably brings a chance that you become a subject of a picture taken by a fellow street photographer. Happened to me more times that I can count and I often return the favor.

I only wish one of my last year’s pictures had not come out completely blurry. I was in a situation where a pro photographer was shooting wedding portraits of a newly wed couple and a street photographer leaned behind his back and started snapping pics of the photographer over his head, arms up high. It was such a great shot to take from where I stood, a photography domino, and funny too.

That’s when I learned that having a high ISO picture with noise, but sharp, is far more desirable than a low noise picture at low ISO, which is destroyed by motion blur. Easy to fix the former, not so much the latter. Nowadays I’ll shoot with ISO 800 at the very minimum, even on a bright sunny day. It is very rare for me to use sub-800 ISO on my GR in a black & mode. My camera’s B&W preset introduces noise to begin with, so extra few more grains of it won’t hurt.

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