YouTube or Netflix?

With unlimited mobile data and free WiFi at nearly every shop these days, so many of us spend free time watching videos while on a break.

Personally, I have never been much into TV and have not seen a proper TV show episode, or tuned into any channel, for at least a few years, but if you saw me on the train going to work, I’d be watching YouTube. Most of my interests are instructional videos and how-to guides, more than pure entertainment. After spending 9 or 10 hours every day staring at a computer screen at work and meeting with my colleagues, yep you guessed it, via video conference, staring at yet another screen, my eyes have just about had it and are interested in nothing but staying shut, or at least not looking at my phone.

So, when I’m out and about during the day and go outside I’m given a chance to see real people, make eye contact, acknowledge another person crossing the street, or sitting next to me on a bench. This direct contact is very important and no other means, no phone, no AR, no fully immersive VR will ever surpass it. They can’t, because they aren’t real. They only pretend to be. There is absolutely nothing wrong with watching movies or shows or game streaming videos on your phone (which I love by the way). When you are on a break and need to unplug go for it! Just like anything, it requires moderation. Too much of a good thing doesn’t equal good.

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