Different Perspective

There are endless ways of shooting street photos and we all tend to find our niche. One nearly fool-proof method is blind hip shooting. Hold the camera in your hand freely next to your thigh, point upwards and shoot. You may even tilt is sideways for some creative divergence or lines. One of great benefits of this technique is that it is very stealthy, so if you are new to street shooting and do not have much confidence pointing your camera at others, this one one of many ways to do it unnoticed (provided you have a discrete camera with a barely audible leaf shutter (like my GR).

Drawbacks are: you can’t see what you are shooting, so you will be shooting and shooting. A lot. Until you get at least a couple keepers. On a second thought, why is shooting a lot a bad thing???

This shot was done in raw on my GR with very slight post in Photo Lab (limited to just exposure compensation) and then developed in DxO Film Pack using the Fuji Acros film emulation. Not quite on par with Fuji’s own simulation in the X-100F of this cult B&W film, but still yields really lovely tonality.

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  1. Thanks for the new technique! I’ll have to give it a try next time I’m out street shooting. Oh and btw nice photo, it really captures “essence”


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