What’s On Your Mind?

Many schools of thought have been there over millennia on the topic of human mind. What is it? Where does it come from? What is its purpose? Who is in control of it? Why can’t I stop having thoughts at three in the morning when I want to sleep? If I can’t stop them, are they even mine? If mind is not mine, whose is it then? And the endless self-inquiry where the mind tries to understand itself begins. It is endless, for the attempt to know and understand self has no end. Sort of.

The moment you think you got your answer more questions pop up just beyond what you already knew and on and on it goes. It’s like a snake eating itself from the tail forward to gain knowledge and understanding, it keeps chomping and swallowing, but eventually reaches a point where there is nothing left but the mouth itself. It could regurgitate itself and start over, thinking it swallowed something the wrong way and is convinced that doing it over will correct the mistakes (welcome to the world of behavioral patterns). Or it has explored all possible avenues and being worn out by all the exhausting work of thinking it surrenders and admits, with authenticity and in complete defeat, it has no answers.

That is when the invisible one, the one standing behind you, smiles and gets excited that you’ve just created more room for it to occupy…

And clarity slowly settles in… where in turn we become less and less enamored with the hunt for truth about our minds and instead dive ever deeper into another aspect of our mind, a more important one, a more potent one, the one which has the strength to shuffle our values and reference points, the one which can put them upside down and to such a degree where we cannot even fathom or comprehend what just happened, the one that can recalibrate our moral compass. It’s called Mindfulness.

We need more of it

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