Reality Changing Its Shape

Not to lessen or dismiss the incredible amount of suffering people are enduring around the world, many are getting infected as we speak, many are losing their lives, but what is curious to me is how much our daily lives and routines have changed. Schools, businesses shut, large events cancelled, people working from home or not at all, staying at home with kids, economies coming in numerous cases to a standstill, commuter trains mostly empty, stores ransacked of the basic necessities. The absurdity of this new reality didn’t not really strike me until this Monday morning while my car was the only of two in the entire parking lot and sitting on a train with 3 other people, on a train, which used to be packed to the gills with hundreds of fellow commuters on a day such as this.

If you are healthy, express gratitude that you still are. If you or your loved ones are ill and are trying to make it through, get well soon…


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