A View Worth Millions

One of the side cloisters of the former library’s main reading room has a breathtaking view of Michigan Avenue, surrounding skyscrapers and onto the Millennium Park.
The tall one is AON tower, no coincidence that it looks like the befallen Twin Towers in lower Manhattan, as it uses similar structural V-shaped columnar design to limit swaying. I may have written about that architectural staple of Chicago’s skyline in another post, but it is a funny fact (at least to me) that after they had built it, the Italian marble veneer started peeling and falling off the tower. Apparently, they’ve cut it too thin for it to weather brutal Chicago winters without bowing and warping. Over a decade later, it had to be removed all around and replaced with new granite veneer. That endeavor cost more than half the original price of the tower when erected.

I’ve also recently read that they were planning to build an exterior elevator and observation deck atop the tower? Supposedly, this would be the tallest exterior glass elevator in the world with a thrill ride. Similar to the Manhattan exterior glass slide.

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