Is this how Chicago water taxi looks like during COVID lockdown? I don’t know. Haven’t been there since March.
What I do know, however, that this is how the water taxi looks like in the middle January (when the pic was taken) where only few souls embark to brave the winds and bone chilling cold. Five bucks well spent.

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  1. Beautiful shot, lovely composition and perfect tones. Love this one, J. 🙏📷

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    • Thanks, Rob! Thanks also goes to the trusty GR II and its native high contrast filter for that tone! All thing of the past now that I’ve had it converted to 590 nm IR. Still struggling with post processing, trying to find a good balance in NIK and PhotoLab (hell will freeze over before I pay for Lightroom subscription). But making progress, nonetheless, and tonality of my pictures has been all over the place as I experiment with it. It’s humbling.

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      • Jiri, I’m of course delighted to hear you’ve converted your GR II. Amazing! You’ll have many options at your disposal when it comes to processing and it can appear confusing. What I found was to envisage the ‘look’ or tonal balance and keep experimenting until I was able to create it. It helped me to remember my workflow until it became second nature, I guess. Probably sounds imbecilically simple but it worked. If I’d have stumbled upon the solution, I’d have forgotten how I got there. I really do hope you find a flow that works for you! Exciting times! Loving your work, J. Keep ‘em coming! Very best, Rob.

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    • Also, excellent shots of the Trimontium mountains saw on your blog, the sky looks wonderfully angry in IR. I’ve been toying with the idea of shooting an orb or water droplets and playing with perspectives, but yet have to try it. You’ve definitely given me an incentive to attempt

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