Weight of the World

Ricoh GR II 590nm IR

Because of hours long commute, it had been years since I have been able to get out into the woods in autumn and still catch the golden hour before the sun sets. Now I finally can (thanks pandemic!) and with no commute while working from home, I definitely take advantage of it and to keep my sanity.

In a swift hunt of fall foliage basking in the evening sun I found that perfect spot to test my converted GR II and its 590 nm filter. The foreground tree had a branch perfectly positioned, as if it were waiting just for me, holding the veil up to showcase the horizon of glowing tree line. Its branch running horizontally good thirty feet across, throwing a big middle finger to gravity, as if there were none.

Golden hour sun is a fleeting affair, so one must act quickly, but while I much prefer shooting infrared in mid-day sun, these evening rays bring one huge plus, which mid-day sun never will… long shadows on the ground. They are massively more pronounced in infrared spectrum and sometimes become as important as the subject itself. Very important for separation of layers and objects in your composition and when you are aiming for a large depth of field.

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