Exploring Diagonals

I love shooting back alleyways. Can’t tell, if it’s street or architecture photography, and it honestly doesn’t matter to me one bit. Vintage and quaint buildings alike sport all sorts of fascinating character, textures, protrusions casting countless shadows. It’s all there. Yeah, rancid smell of the dumpsters is there too, including those foul looking puddles of liquid leaked out of these dumpsters, screaming at you: “tread on me at your own peril”.

Back in the day when we actually worked “at work” (what a bizzare statement) I could look at my photo and tell precisely which alley and block of The Loop it was taken at. I knew them all, frequented them every time I took a lunch walk.

Now, after a full year of street photography hiatus, I’m staring at this old picture and cannot for the life of me figure out where this was taken. I gave this post a title a year ago, planning to do a write up about shooting of (and working with) diagonals, but may as well rename this post to “where the hell is this?”.


I will do a post (multiple posts) on studying diagonals and leading lines in photography. I promised that to myself last year before all hell broke loose. It is one of cornerstones of all photography, so I’m obviously keen on studying it more and to experiment.

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