Scouting New Locations

With my converted GR sent over to LifePixel to do some repairs and cleaning I set out to do more (and long overdue) scouting for future landscape scenery. Lake Marmo has been on my list for a few seasons, but now I finally spent three whole trips just walking around this small man-made lake taking test shots and finding good spots.

I may have found one. The view faces west over the body of water, so mid-morning shots with sun up high and behind me will provide good illumination of the tree line, yet should be early enough in the morning before the convective winds start to stir up the otherwise glassy smooth water. In the end, it will come down to how “interesting” the cloud formations will be.

Right now, it is way too early in the season with grasses all but dead and no leaves on deciduous trees to speak of. Despite the fact I’m a couple months away from any serious IR attempt, this spot has a permanent place on my “go to” map. The bonus? This is one of few landscape views not ruined by power lines, tall radio towers, water reservoirs and other industrial artifacts, which are just about anywhere I look in my heavily populated area.

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