As Good As New

ISO 800 | f/8.0 | 1/125th | GRIII

She used to boast being the tallest in the world. Now, nearly half a century old and one would not even know. All washed down, brand new rebuilt lobby and entrances, completely reworked stonework around the entire ground level exterior, all in tasteful granite. Having no employees inside for over a year was a boon for this tower. Looks as good as new.

The sheer size reminded me of something not so great: this tower spans an entire city block! And because she is so huge and not protected by any tall buildings from the west, the winds deflected around this tower are so forceful that one must hold onto their hat, just walking down this block. A really windy day even allows you to lean forward into the wind and not fall over! Fun game, but I’ve missed quite a few trains because of this. And then add sub zero temps in winter for a recipe for a fun ride. I’ve done a couple face plants into a slushy icy sidewalk myself.

Hallmark of this tower are outdoor trash cans overflowing with broken umbrellas every time we have a storm. Adams St. turns into a wind tunnel on gusty days.

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