From Abnormal To Normal

ISO 6400 | f/8.0 | 1/125th | GRIII

It had been a few weeks now, since I’ve started going to the office for two to three days each week and I can see the life changing before my very eyes. We are all slowly getting back on track and more and more people are going back to the office, more people on the train, more people in the streets, city life is slowly coming back to its old dirty noisy itself.

People are now more comfortable and masks are thankfully no longer required in the city for those who have been fully vaccinated. That brings my memory back to the doomsday time last summer when some of us thought that distancing and mask wearing were the new long term normal. Not anymore. Many of us lost a loved one or a family member to the pandemic (myself included) and going out and seeing people’s faces, whether joyous, or just lost in thought, feels like a breath of fresh air.

We’ve endured, we’ve prevailed, and we’re coming back to life again.
Life will be different no doubt, but it will change for the better…

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