As If She Knew

ISO 100 | f/5.0 |1/125th | GR III

Cloaked in morning haze,
rising among dark shadows.
glum, uninviting.


After spending several hours stranded on the morning train due to a fatal pedestrian incident with a train riding ahead of us, we were finally able to make it to Chicago from west suburbs and as if she already knew, she greeted us with her gloomy skyline, dark, quiet, imposing and solemn. Sad start to a sad day.
Emotions, like seasons, perpetually change. Some gentle, some intense, some coveted, some less so. Yet, they all play an equally important role and deserve our attention, or presence. Some we cannot get enough of, some we run away from when it was our turn to look inward and we simply could not cope.
One thing becomes obvious: when no longer fighting time while hurtling ever forward at the blazing speed of the next tweet, life slows down and becomes more bearable, emotions come and go. There is always a better day ahead when you dare to slow down, enjoy what is and stop the fantasy of chasing for the “better” which is inevitable to come by one day.

There are always better times ahead. Always.

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