Reunion With A Granny

She can be quiet,
She can yield deafening roar,
yet she feels like home.


Goodness! Last time I had snapped a pic by the Buckingham Fountain, it was frigid, she was still in deep winter slumber, as dry as the sheets of hard ice on her plumbing. It was also the dead of winter 2020 when the pandemic were just some isolated news stories coming from China and not much more.

Just the other day I went for a walk by the fountain and realized it was nearly two years since I last saw her. Bizarre. As old as worn and as imposing as ever, this masterpiece always provides that perfect view against Chicago’s skyline as a backdrop. I just need to wait for some seriously gnarly storm clouds to make mood look even more somber and menacing.

In a few years this fountain will be a hundred years old and the water pumps are still the original ones on it! Back then they knew how to make durable equipment. Today, the term “programmed obsolescence” seems to be the mantra many manufacturers have embraced, so you keep buying those new light bulbs, washers and iPhones every two years, because,…..why not?

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  1. Stunning, Jiri. Just stunning!!! 🙏

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