I Stand For Peace

ISO 400 | f/8.0 | 1/350th | GR II 590 nm Infrared

Alone, burnt, broken.
Standing tall among ashes.
He bows to no one.

I have taken a voluntary hiatus from posting anything on my blog for the past few months, to emotionally recharge, recover from COVID, and to just spend the winter resting. My Drafts folder now has forty-four unpublished posts I’ve already written, pictures taken and processed, and I will start posting them yet again. One day.

I have made an exception today to express my solidarity with everyone who has been impacted by the horrific tragedy in Ukraine, those innocent lives of women, children, and young soldiers on both sides, which are being lost every day in an onslaught of unimaginable pain and suffering.

Every human being has the right to determine their sovereignty, to claim their freedom and to be respected by everyone.

No one! No one has the right to objectify or overpower anyone against their own free will. The immense outpouring of love and support seen in European cities and elsewhere is a clear indication that there is an abundance of decency and love in the world to send an unmistakable message: “Humanity has had enough of this abhorrence…”

Ask yourself not what you are AGAINST, rather ask what you stand FOR.

I stand for peace,
I stand for freedom,
I stand for love and respect…

Blessings and prayers to fellow human beings of Ukraine who have sent a clear message into the Universe of their desire to exercise free will! The Universe will abide and in not-too-distant future will show the world how powerful free will truly is.

Free will is another name for love, the most powerful force in existence…

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