Red Pines

Red Pine (Pinus Resinosa), also called Norway Pine is one of the most prevalent lumber species in midwestern and north-eastern U.S. Primarily growing around the Great Lakes and well into New England, on the southern edge of the American boreal forest.

It is a fast-growing low density medium tree, making it perfect for timber harvesting and fast re-growth. Interestingly enough, the wood core is reddish in color, giving the tree its name. The red leaves in the pictures above are native creeping ivy, which happens to turn its leaves beautiful crimson color each fall season and has nothing to do with the tree’s name.

These trees were planted here for arborist study, their native habitat is far north of here, in Minnesota, Upper Peninsula, MI and in southern Canada. They are not indigenous to Illinois, though, they are very pretty and their trunks dead straight, hence the excellent usage for structural lumber.

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