A Bridge To Nowhere

#SeeingRedSeries This one of my first attempts at an infrared with decent bright sunshine, which is actually worth publishing and not something you file under that notoriously known “well that didn’t work as intended” category. While driving home from work one afternoon an idea struck, so I swung by a forest preserve near our house. The sun was already nearing the horizon, but still strong enough to supply ample IR light for decent handheld exposure. What a radiance coming from those leaves! This was shot in a converted camera with LifePixel Supercolor filter and usual red and blue channel swap.
I really worked the composition on this one, trying both sides of the trail and on both ends of the bridge, to not only show off the glowing foliage, but also to include some clouds (there were obviously none as luck would have it) and the bridge. Unfortunately, there was not a living person in sight.
I’m still in early days of learning the ins and outs of IR photography, and am genuinely glad when it actually yields a result. I’m happy to report that it’s still work in progress and actually fun. The biggest challenge for me was to take everything what I learned about photography, everything I thought I knew, and chuck it right out the window. Light, exposure, focus, composition, colors, flare, almost none of the rules I was aware of applied at all or only partially. Afterall, we are taking invisible light and turning it visible, so there is some level of unpredictability to it. when it works it’s like magic.

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