Millennium Garden

#SeeingRedSeries It’s the middle of winter here in Chicago and the plant and herb Millennium Garden is dead, as any other Illinois garden would be in January, but the views of downtown’s skyline are still great. Not too many people come to visit, so its peaceful. I have made a mental note to come here in summer and investigate this place with its indigenous plants, brushes and flowers. Lots of monarch butterflies show up every year.

Here I’ve experimented with an infrared shot, but this time, instead of converting to monochrome, I’ve kept the native colors intact. This converted camera uses a LifePixel 590nm super color filter, so unlike traditional IR filters (720nm and up), which block nearly all of visible light spectrum except the deepest reds, this filter passes visible light down to the orange band providing greater flexibility for work with RGB channels. It is quite easy to tell the super color filter apart from traditional Hoya R72, because with the Hoya the usual look after swapping the red and blue channels will be those notoriously known deep blue skies with white foliage. Whereas, the super color filter will have blue skies, but the traditional R&B channel swap will bring out yellow foliage instead.

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