Behind Bars

#SeeingRedSeries The inner courtyard of the Archdiocese of Chicago complex is not open to general walk-in public AFAIK, so the only shot I can ever get is through the bars of its massive gate, with its security cameras, dial pads and what not. Almost feels as an entrance into a prison if you ask me. No pun intended. Still, the inner architecture is beautiful.
Here shot in infrared, since there was no direct sun, the shutter speed went almost into single digits even in ISO 800, so I had to rest the camera against the gate. That’s another thing one must get used to when not shooting IR regularly: the light and exposure are vastly different and pictures are usually under exposed when there is no direct sun and the differences in exposure between areas directly lit by the sun or not are exponentially bigger. Brings so much more contrast. It may not matter in B&W shots as much, but I always take a test shot to use for custom white balance, otherwise the pictures come out in an awful shade of purple.
Shot using infrared converted DSLR with LifePixel super color filter.

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