Mid-Winter Sun

#SeeingRedSeries Courtyard of Presbyterian Church I did some shorts of earlier. Again in infrared, but this time, I kept the blue sky channel untouched. On the right side of the archway you can see some ivy leaves glowing in light grey, had they been in actual sun they’d be pure white. That is what makes the IR images so weird where trees and forest shot in the middle of summer look like they are all covered in white frost, which looks great against deep blue sky. It’s the chlorophyl in the greenery, which is highly reflective to near infrared spectrum, making the leaves overexposed (white). Sky void of water, on the other hand, has almost no reflectivity, so it usually turns extremely dark or black. Same goes with large bodies of water.
Shot using infrared converted DSLR with LifePixel super color filter.

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