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Went for a lunch walk the other day and got offered a job twice! Lucky me! Super nice guy spoke with me. A legit job for ComEd to do door to door sales trying to convert people to another utility company. Three hundred bucks a week. I literally took this shot without looking at the camera or worrying about any settings or focusing. No post processing, straight out of the camera. Not even a crop.
Ricoh GR.

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  1. Inspiring frame, Jiri. I really should try my GR in high contrast. Great shot! šŸ™

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    • Indeed! The high contrast B&W mode in GR is amazing and reminiscent of old Moriyama work with is grittiness, noise, and sharp shadows or blown highlights.


    • I actually stopped shooting raw and do only jpeg these days, mostly with this preset. I used to shoot monochrome (similar to Fuji’s Across) trying to avoid high contrast, but after playing with it in GR, I’ve completely changed my mind and shoot B&W high contrast photos most of the time now, unless I do IR work. It simply fits street photography and adds this unique level of authenticity to the shots. Hard to describe.
      It’s not monochrome photography after all, it’s Black and White photography and that comes only with high contrast. LOL

      I put my camera in Av mode, set it to f/8, snap focus at 2m, ISO 1600 and let it rip. The noise only adds character to each shot, sometimes you’ll see me shoot in mid-day sun at ISO 6400. This camera is a hoot and fits in my pocket.

      I have to say that the way the B&W pictures (straight out of the camera) come out on my Pixma PRO-100 printer is jaw dropping


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