320 On the River

Ricoh GR II

Wow. I have had this picture stored in my drafts folder since summer of 2019, creating it ahead of time and here we are, fall of 2020 and I’m only now getting around to posting it.

So much has changed in 2020. Not only would the person wear a mask, had this picture been taken this past summer (and me too), but I would have likely posted it as a throwback to the warm days and posted it in late days of this past winter, to prod the nature to bring back the warmth and sun and at least dream about nice weather. Hell, the picture would have not ever happened, now that I come to think of it, because I wouldn’t be walking around downtown, would I?

Nope. Not only have I not posted last winter, I had to completely wipe all text clean and start the writing over, because what had been drafted before has become so irrelevant in the lockdown days of our persistent pandemic I needed to reboot. As I was skimming through about two dozen of my draft posts I still need to write and publish I came to realize how old they actually were (so embarrassingly behind). What a surprise! I did not make a single post for solid 5 months (Oops!) ever since mid-March when my last post showing an empty Union Station and an empty commuter train were a premonition of “hell to come” for many. As most other parents, I had become a remote worker bee / Zoom aficionado / home schooling tutor / online grocery shopper / backyard (former street) photographer / fill-in the blank….. you can’t get the answer wrong.. We’ve all become everything but that what we used to be.

Unlike millions of those who have been hit so hard, I’m immensely thankful for how merciful this pandemic has been to our family with no grave illness or deaths of loved ones, no devastating loss of income, no loss of livelihood, though my wife’s hypnotherapy business was relying on one-to-one proximity contact with clients and had to unfortunately exit the business. With hundreds of thousands of souls who have perished, there are millions of those left behind who are mourning and were not nearly as fortunate as our family. My heart goes to every single one of you.

I don’t wear a mask to protect me. A patriot, I wear it to protect me, my family and all of you.
Things will get better soon enough.
They always do…

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  1. Great shot, Jiri. But most of all, sentiments echoed by my own, and many, I’m certain. Beautifully written. I’m glad to read you and your family are well. I hope you all continue in the best of health. Post saved for a future re-read! Brilliant!

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