Leave It To The Beaver

Election Day here in the U.S. today, in case you didn’t know and just took a quick peek from under your rock to see, if coronavirus is still ruling the land (spoiler alert: still is). Gorgeous weather in the 70s, not a cloud, kids out of school for the day and itching to get out of the house. So, we took a quick lunch stroll in the park behind our house and ran into a small storm water creek. We were not alone there and apparently disturbed someone’s work shift.

If you have any anxiety about how today’s election may turn out, and what shock waves it may send across the globe (I know. How self indulgent is this for an American to say?), if you have that gnawing feeling. This beaver family clearly couldn’t handle the pressure, didn’t wait and took that term quite literally. Man, they are not goofing around with small brush either. This trunk is good 12″ in diameter. Few more chomps and it’s time for one of them to yell “Timber!”. It boggles my mind how intricate their technique is and how precise they are in felling trees into a specific direction, in order to dam a creek from bank to bank.

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  1. Everyone is always talking about beavers, like they are some sorta genius animal or something, with their flat tails. Let me tell you, I have the best beavers anywhere, you can ask anybody, but you know that tree-felling thing, that was my idea, right? I mean, those damned commie beavers? They will fell a tree in just about any direction. They are the worst. But one day, I had this idea, I was like, what if, what if, we had the beavers fell the trees in the direction that, well you know, and everyone thought it was a great idea, but i don’t get any credit for it. They give it to the beavers, but that’s okay, I mean, you know, how many trees is Biden gonna knock down sitting in his basement? The media. The fake news media, they don’t…


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